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‘Stock Jockeys’ Can’t Help Serious Investors

Recent revelations that Wells Fargo sales teams created up to 3.5 million fake bank and credit accounts as they struggled to meet what the company now describes as “unrealistic quotas” have, once again highlighted how high-pressure financial services firms often fail to put clients first. The Wells Fargo scandal — originally thought to encompass 2.1 […]


Volunteering in Retirement Offers Tangible Benefits Volunteerism among retirees is popular these days and the activity seems to help them live longer. Studies from the Corporation for National and Community Service show people who volunteer “report lower mortality rates, lower rates of depression, fewer physical limitations and lower levels of stress than those who don’t […]

“Longevity Risk” in Retirement

When you hear your financial advisor mention “risk of longevity,” what exactly are we talking about here at JG Financial Consulting? Longevity refers to “long life” or “length of life.” Simply put, longevity risk is the risk that someone will outlive their wealth and available income. It’s a fact that people are living longer. Not only […]

How to live longer and better: Find your purpose, keep working

Finding meaning / purpose can extend your life A recent British study led by Andrew Steptoe, Director of the Institute of Epidemiology and Health care at University College London found that after taking other factors into account “people with the highest levels of ‘purpose in life’ were 30% less likely to die during the study […]

5 Facts about College You Need to Know

Whether you have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews headed to college when they turn 18, it’s always best to put anticipated higher education expenses into your financial plan–the sooner/younger the better. Call us to discuss. And read here to learn more: FAFSA dates have just changed For students college-bound in the 2017-2018 school year, there […]

17 Ideas for 2017

If you find yourself making the same old, same old resolutions every year, we wanted to help change things up by offering you some new ideas you might want to add to your list of goals for 2017.